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What does PONY stand for?

PONY is an acronym, which stands for Protect Our Nation's Youth. PONY Baseball is dedicated to creating a safety first/ fundamentally sound and challenging game for children of all ages and skill levels. PONY Baseball and Softball™ began with organization of the Pony League in Washington, PA in the summer of 1951. With field sizes and dimensions best suited to appropriate age play and rules designed to allow each charter their own ability to create the best style of baseball tailored to their own community's needs. PONY also takes it a step further requiring children to participate in divisions with kids of the same age. For example, 9 year olds won't have to fear playing against 12 year olds. Nine year olds only face players ages 10 and under in the Mustang Division. Players age 11-12 play in the Bronco Division and player 13-14 in the Pony Division.

Lancaster Youth PONY Baseball League (LYPBL) is the largest volunteer-based baseball league in the Antelope Valley. Our mission at LYPBL is to operate with one purpose in mind – to make this a safe and  rewarding place for our children to play baseball, make friends, and to develop positive, long-lasting memories. In fact, many of our players have parents who played here when they were children!
We rely on a devoted group of volunteers to help ensure that the organization remains structured and runs smoothly. We are continuously looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to support and coordinate events and activities.

Can I pick the Manager/Coach I want my child to play for?

Player selection varies depending on season.  

Spring season utilizes a draft system to form teams based on player performance on Evaluation day.

Fall season Managers/Coaches are granted three player requests.  After the player requests are fulfilled, players are places on teams via random selection beginning with the pool of returning players followed with the pool of first season players.

Managers/Coaches or Board of Directors cannot promise or guarantee placement of any player on a specific team. (Excludes Foal Division)

What are the fees to play?

Please reference the “Registration Info” tab on for the most current registration fees and age requirements.

What are the age ranges for each division?

Please reference the “Registration Info” tab on for the most current registration fees and age requirements.

What information will I need to register my child?

For age and sibling verification purposes, you must provide a CERTIFIED COPY of your child's birth certificate, your marriage certificate and/or adoption or legal guardianship documentation to Lancaster Youth Pony Baseball League. This is needed for proof age of player, and guardianship status of person registering child. If further documentation is needed, the Board of Directors will contact the guardian of the player.

Can my child play in the division above what their birthdate requires?

Yes.  LYPBL will allow players to play above their “league age” division.  This is at the discretion of their parent/guardian.

During registration if you would like your child to play above their “league age” division, please register your child in the current division, then email [email protected] to request your child be moved up.  Please note changing the division could change the registration fee due. 

My child has never played before, can my child play in the division below what their birthdate requires?

No. LYPBL do not allow players to play below their division or “league age” level. There are no exceptions. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Registration fees can be broken up into monthly installments for your convenience. Look for the payment plan option during the checkout process.  Registration fees must be paid in full before a child can be placed on a team.

Does this League have Softball?

No. LYPBL does not have a softball division. However, LYPBL does not discriminate and we encourage all genders to play.

When and where are games played?

All games are played at Skytower Park for the Fall and Spring seasons.

43434 Vineyard Drive
Lancaster, CA 93535

When and where are practices held?

Practice days, times, and locations are at the discretion of the Manager/Coach of your child’s team. LYPBL is not responsible for days, times, and locations of practices. Participation at practices is not mandatory, but highly encouraged. 

What clothing or equipment does my child need to play?

Registration Fees include jersey and hat. Additionally, baseball pants, socks, and belt (color and style are determined by Manager/Coach) are not included in the registration fee and will need to be purchased.  

LYPBL recommends that your child has cleats, glove, bat, and batting helmet. For bat information, please visit or contact your Manager/Coach.

Can my child wear metal cleats?

Yes, metal cleats are authorized. 

What are the dates for the season?

Please reference the Registration Info tab on for the most current season dates.

Spring season typically runs from February to May.  
All-Star season typically runs from May to August.  
Fall season typically runs from August to November. 
*Season dates are subject to change. 

Does my child have to tryout?

No. However, there will be evaluations for the Spring season to aid in player draft. If your child is not available to participate in evaluations, they will be randomly placed on a team. FOAL division does not have evaluations. 

Fall season does not use an evaluation system. Managers/Coaches are granted three player requests in the fall season.  After the player requests are fulfilled, players are places on teams based on random selection beginning with the pool of returning players.

Do you have boundary limitations?

Lancaster Youth Pony Baseball League has no boundary limitations. We welcome players from the Antelope Valley and surrounding cities. No proof of residency is required.

What is your refund policy?

To view our refund policy, please find the "RESOURCES" tab and click on Refunds.

How can I become a volunteer?

There are many opportunities to become a volunteer with Lancaster Youth Pony Baseball League. Under the "RESOURCES" tab select "BECOME A VOLUNTEER" to view volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign up to coach?

To volunteer as a Manager/Coach, please register when prompted during registration of your child. If there are more Manager/Coach volunteers than required, Manager/Coach selection will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors. 

What duties do I have, once I am registered as a Coach?

Please reference the “Registration Info” tab on for the most current trainings request for all volunteers. 

Once all trainings have been completed contact the Board of Directors at [email protected] for rules of play.

Are there any resources available to help me improve my coaching skills?

Yes! Dugout Captain is an excellent resource for all coaches, whether beginners or seasoned veterans. Please check out this free resource by clicking on the "Dugout Captain" link in the "Helpful Links" box at the bottom right of this page.

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